Inside Horizontal: Roscoe Dixon

Hi everyone, I’m Saya! 

I’m a marketing intern here at Horizontal, and part of my job is to create interactive content on our social media. I have been an intern here for a year and have gotten the chance to know a lot of great people! That’s one of the reasons we decided to launch this series. Each month, we’ll shine the spotlight on one of our teammates that we think is pretty great, and we think you will too!

Our first in the series is Roscoe Dixon. Roscoe joined us this summer as a Senior Solutions Architect.  

What sort of certifications do you have? 

Roscoe: At the time of this writing I currently have 8x Salesforce certifications, as I am focusing energy towards the coveted Certified Technical Architect certification path. My immediate focus is on the Platform Dev 1 and I’m looking at possibly picking up the Community Builder on the side. My favorite certification was the Marketing Cloud Consultant exam several years ago since the term Cross-Cloud Consultants wasn’t well understood at that point. Here at HI, we believe that will be an important focus for our clients as they look at delivering across multiple channels and our team members as they look to expand their own capabilities and knowledge of these technology solutions and how they can be deployed for our customers.

What industries have you focused on? 

Roscoe: I have had a lot of experience over the years across industries, but I am most interested in Financial Services and Healthcare and Life Sciences. These two industries still have so much disconnected and disparate data. While these industries are often bound by their own unique compliance and regulatory requirements, digital transformation still has so much to offer these groups. Non-Profits are also exciting to me since I believe they are confronted with some of the most unique challenges and often have fewer resources to deploy solutions. 

Why are you excited to join Horizontal? 

Roscoe: One of the many desirable qualities about Horizontal is the blend of various services that HI can deliver to our customers. Horizontal is unique in that we have fullservice capability to not only delivery best in class Salesforce solutions but also CMS solutions and client staffing.

Tell us about something you’ve learned in your first few days at Horizontal: 

Roscoe: One thing I noticed very quickly was how amazing Horizontal’s reputation is within the CMS and client staffing worlds. Our clients know that we will deliver truly the best results regardless of the task and I look forward to meeting the same level of the expectations for Salesforce solutions.

What do you enjoy doing after work? 

Roscoe: There are so many different things that I enjoy doing outside of the officeI love to take on projects around the home. The one I am most excited about currently is all of the planning and preparations we are making to welcome our third child into the family, who is expected to be here on Aug 1st, 2019. ‘Nesting’ has always provided me an opportunity to get a few household projects completed to improve our home as the expected date approaches.

Interested in joining Roscoe on our growing Salesforce team?  Click here to learn more.